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Add Collateral Lending To Your Existing Business


Pawn-Safe is a business process and software offered to Check Cashiers, Payday & Title Lenders or other small foot print business by Mister Money Investments, Inc. (MMI).

Mr. Tim Lanham and Mr. Doug Will are the chief executive officers and founders of MMI and have an extensive background in the sub-prime financial markets. For 35 years Tim and Doug have been instrumental in the research, strategic planning and development of various programs and services ranging from store operations to software development, on-line sales, payday and short term loan programs and other innovative financial products.
Pawn-Safe was developed as a robust software and business model designed to help small financial service store fronts benefit by providing collateral lending as an additional service to their clientele. The support team at Pawn-Safe brings over 35 years of pawnbroking knowledge and experience to an organization and believes each organization will enjoy and profit by providing this much needed service to their customers. Pawn-Safe is more than just a software application. Pawn-Safe trains its clients to be pawnbrokers. Providing clients with access to the essential tools to be successful and instructing them in product valuation, pawn related communication techniques, ecommerce procedures, inventory management and corporate oversight functions.

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